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Jake has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology with a concentration in Catechetics. Jake has worked in various ministry settings for over 20 years including adult faith formation, seminarian and priestly formation, diocesan evangelization, catechesis, RCIA, retreat ministry, and he ran his own private counseling practice for over 10 years. Currently, Jake teaches at the Seminary of Christ the King offering human and pastoral formation to the seminarians in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, is a consultant to Dioceses and ministries, offers an annual Men’s Retreat in British Columbia and accompanies male leaders on their journey of faith. Jake also offers inspiring workshops and retreats on a variety of topics. He lives in Abbotsford, BC with his wife Heather and their three children. You can find out more about what Jake is doing at




For the past 25 years, Brett has served in various roles within the Church – in parish ministry, as a non-profit executive, as Director of an Archdiocesan Development Office and currently as the Archbishop’s Delegate for Ministries and Development. He has a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership from Royal Roads and spent many years In less formal study prior to graduate school.

Brett has been a leadership coach in the Church and corporate world for several years. As a speaker he has given presentations throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Africa. He has been a contributing writer for various publications including, The Word Among Us. Brett and his wife Andrea are high school sweethearts and proud parents of 8 children. His popular leadership blog, Leadership Where it Matters Most can be found at


I have recieved so much wisdom and mentorship from both Jake and Brett. They witness to true sonship of Our Father, and they live out the challenge to be men of great character for their wives and children. They’ve helped me and called me to greatness in my own journey into the heart of the Father.


Jake and Brett’s podcast plunges into the deep waters of the heart – and they do so drawing on the Gospels, on the writings of Saints and Mystics, and, in vulnerability, they draw on their own experiences trying to go deeper into union with God. It is not “another podcast” on the Spiritual Life – but an authentic and orthodox unpacking of the secrets of the Kingdom- and richly needed in the busy-ness of the present age.


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